Trying to do Art in Quarantine

This past week has been rough for all of us. The coronavirus has spread so much and is so overwhelming that now we’re all in quarantine (away from everyone hopefully). This extreme change in lifestyle is necessary but has honestly been a stressful and strange event. 

This past week was my spring break. I had plans, as did everyone, and they were cancelled. I spent the final Friday before quarantine walking around with my friends in quiet empty streets. That felt so surreal.

I had my final train ride in a nearly empty train. I just looked out the window to enjoy the sun. In that moment of hopelessness I felt scared and so empty as if this was the end. I stood between the tracks with my friends and we said goodbye. As I stayed there, I was thinking what was I going to do. Everything felt so meaningless. 

Yes, I know, I’m a little dramatic. However, quarantine means to be at home till this deadly virus is eradicated and being home is the worst thing for me. School has been my escape. Being at home is the death of motivation and (some) creativity. Everything is so chaotic and stressful. 

I did attempt this week to be creative, but being at home has been the perfect opportunity for chores, chores, and more chores. In the minutes I could steal away, my sister and I started filming a new project. I loved that my sister would be helping me and getting her shot at filming something. 

The house has such an oppressive vibe. Filming felt so difficult because of the high stress. I would not quite get the shot I was looking for. The white walls and large windows full of light gave such a washed out look. I would lose my train of thought wondering what to do with the script. 

Click the image to see the short film on Instagram!

We would film a few scenes then run and put everything away before my parents walked in the door. We took off our costumes, wiped off our makeup in seconds and stashed the camera and tripod quickly. We acted like nothing happened. 

The rest of the semester starts today. What a relief somewhat. There is now some meaning to life. I have some film classes that require camera work and that will probably be the most difficult of the courses to accomplish in this quarantine.

I don’t expect this virus to end in the very near future. Staying at home will be the greatest trial for my mental health. I’m scared that my depression will come back but I’m really hoping that things will come back to normal and that people will recover from the virus. 

Hopefully I’ll be able to finish this short film soon. There’s nothing that makes me happier and gives me motivation than crafting a story. 

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