A Beginning to Writing Stories

The most important part in creating any project is creating a great original story. Yes, everyone says that over and over again but it’s true. You can make anything look beautiful but will it be cohesive? 

Now I’m no stranger to being stuck, having no source for ideas, and having writer’s block. As a film student, those deadlines mixed with other unrelated classes definitely have a slight negative effect on the story process, but it’s still great practice. Here’s some tips that have helped me that I hope will work for you. 

The main thing that goes through my mind is “where am I going to get this story from?” Stories can be derived from many things but for me at this time, I mainly take my stories from events in my life as well as dreams. I take an event in my life and alter and exaggerate it as much I can. I feel like this makes the story more personal. I’m not saying that other creatively made stories can’t, but I think that this is a great stepping stone in starting to create films since you know how your life event began and ended.  

No one really has a boring life. Life is exciting and thrilling in different ways so never feel like you don’t have any content to extract. I would say that my life is boring in the sense that I’m not allowed to do anything but I have experienced some strange, unusual and vicious events. These non-boring events in my life have become a great source of original stories and ideas to help other stories. 

Another outlet I have for creating stories is my dreams. I tend to have nightmares all the time and sometimes they don’t make sense but they’re effective in showing me fear. This bizarre experience makes for great content as well as alter or help stories. A music video I made for an assignment last semester was derived from a strange dream that I had. 

Besides films, I also write stories that could potentially be made into films. When I was in high school, I would put myself in the mindset of my characters for a long time to kind of feel what their motivations would be. That was extremely exhausting and stressful but in the end, it does help enhance the story. 

Your creative spring can be anything and as a storyteller, creating a story that captivates and has the audience mesmerized becomes such a rewarding experience. But don’t just make the story for others make it also for yourself. You are your worst critic, so use that to your advantage. It is always great to consult your friends but also look within yourself for changes and new ideas. This is something that once you show the world will always be attached to you so make it the way you want it in the best way that you can. 

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