Entering the Film World

It was late 2017 when I started applying to film schools. My decision to pursue a career in film was not so well received in my family. I always knew that my parents would have wanted me to enter a career in medicine since they’re both in the medical field. I was always studying science and dissections were kind of my thing. Growing up, I was always open to the idea of studying medicine but there was just something missing in that dream. The ironic thing is that my parents inadvertently instilled in me the love for film. I was raised watching so many films of many different time periods and genres. I also watched many international films and films in different languages. I would say that my parents love film as much as me. 

Something that occurred during my application process was the rise of the Me Too movement in Hollywood following allegations of sexual assault. That was a terrifying moment. How difficult would it be for me a woman to survive in this industry when so many women were treated like less? I was scared and my parents were especially scared. I saw it in them that they wanted me to switch career goals immediately but I just couldn’t. There were so many arguments but I knew in me that it was important that women join this industry. 

During all the horrors of this and the stress of applications and finishing school, I became extremely sick which hindered my work. I was not strong enough to complete the material for some applications and that was very disheartening. However, I was accepted to a number of schools.

This battle of entering film school was not yet over. I wanted to attend a school in New York and as someone who was raised in the same two cities in New Jersey, my parents were extremely worried. Finally after so much struggle, I enrolled at the New York Institute of Technology, which was my mother’s alma mater. Because of that, I felt that things were coming full circle. I entered college scared but eager. Even though it was a new environment and a different kind of studies, for the first time I felt extremely happy.

Throughout all of the worry and stresses, I’m content with the support and direction I’m heading. My parents are proud and happy with what I’m doing now and that is a definite relief. It’s been nearly three years since the Me Too movement started in Hollywood and I’m still worried of my career ahead. I’m still sick with this mystery illness, but that has not hindered my work at all. The end goal is still pretty vague and the journey there is terrifying to me however, if this is meant to be, I’ll work my hardest to get there. 

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